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  When it comes to silver dollar collection, we have to mention "yuanDadou". The so-called "yuanDatou silver dollar" refers to the silver dollar currency issued by Yuan Shikai after the revolution of 1911 in order to solve the military expenses and improve his political status. It is named after the silver dollar with his side image.


  In the collection market, the silver dollar is commonly seen in the Republic of China's "yuanDatou" and the Qing Dynasty's central version of Longyang. According to the casting age, the high attention can be divided into three years, five years, eight years, nine years and ten years of the Republic of China.


  The figure below shows a five-year-old yuanDatou from the Republic of China brought by Mr. Zhu, with a currency value of five yuan.

直径:4.47cm 厚:0.3cm 重:35g

  Diameter: 4.47cm Thickness: 0.3cm Weight: 35g


  The obverse of the coin is the pentagram on the left side of Yuan Shikai, on which the Chinese traditional style of "five years of the Republic of China" is cast. It has high historical and cultural research value and implies the ideological hope of "democracy, Republic, constitutionalism and constitutional monarchy". In the middle of the back is the word "Wu Yuan". On both sides are the patterns of Jiahe. In ancient times, it was called the strange growth of he. The ancients took it as a sign of auspiciousness.


  As for yuanDatou silver dollar in the five years of the Republic of China, Tianjin and Fujian foundry bureaus participated in the casting, and the silver dollar cast here has a wide range of circulation. After years of consumption and wear, it's almost impossible to find the silver dollar of five years.


  Nowadays, the collection of coins has become a new hotspot. Not only because of its years of vicissitudes, exquisite design and superb casting technology, but also because it is a cultural carrier, it records the development and changes of politics, economy, finance, commerce, culture and technology in various dynasties and periods, which is of great significance and profound value. If you are interested in collecting the above collections, please feel free to contact Guangzhou Dongchao culture!





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