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  During Xianfeng Period of Qing Dynasty, because of the invasion of Western capitalist power and the influence of the uprising of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom in China, the political situation was in danger and the finance was basically exhausted. In order to save the currency system, the Qing government cast Xianfeng coins. Dangbai is hereinafter referred to as "heavy treasure" and "Xianfeng heavy treasure" can be divided into Dang 4, Dang 5, Dang 8, Dang 10, Dang 20, Dang 30, Dang 40, Dang 50, etc.


  In recent years, Xianfeng coins are all in red because of their variety, variety and beauty. Among them, Xianfeng heavy treasure is more popular.


  The figure below shows a piece of Xianfeng treasure that Mr. Shen brought as 50 Wen copper coins. On the front is the regular script "Xianfeng treasure", which is read directly from top to bottom, right and left; on the back of Qian is the Chinese character "Dang 50", and on the left and right is the Manchu character "Baochang".

  直径:5.16cm 厚:0.32cm 重:44.7g

  Diameter: 5.16cm Thick: 0.32cm Weight: 44.7g


  The version of Xianfeng treasure is high-grade, with deep and handsome handwriting, excellent copper quality, fine casting, thick and warm slurry, clear and dignified font, round and neat strokes, square holes in the middle, and shining under the sunlight.


  According to donghualu, the weight of Xianfeng's big money is set to be fifty to twelve, one hundred to fourteen, five hundred to sixteen, one thousand to twenty, and one or two to thirty-seven.3 grams, one to twenty-two to forty-four.7 grams. The actual weight of the collection is 44.7g.

  此币铜质精良,精细雕刻而成。据《清史•食货老》载,朝廷规定“咸丰当千、当五百净铜铸造,色紫;当百、当五十铜锡配铸,色黄。” 锈色包浆自然熟旧,收藏价值高。

  This coin is made of fine copper and finely carved. According to the Qing Dynasty's history of food and goods, the imperial court stipulated that "Xianfeng should be cast with thousands of pure copper and five hundred pure copper, and the color should be purple; the color should be cast with hundreds of copper and fifty tin, and the color should be yellow." The rust color coating is naturally mature and has high collection value.


  If you are interested in this coin, please feel free to contact Guangzhou Dongchao culture!


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