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  As an extraterrestrial visitor, meteorites are not only of great help to the research of aerospace industry, but also a collection that many collectors are competing to collect.


  Meteorite is the least common type of meteorite. It contains 75% – 90% silicate minerals (such as olivine), 10% – 25% Ferronickel, and pyrite. There are two kinds of meteorites: chondrite and non chondrite. Most of the meteorites are chondrites, accounting for about 86% of all the observed meteorites.


  Because meteorites are by no means ordinary rocks on earth, the knowledge, value and connotation of meteorites are constantly enriched and matured. Some people assert that meteorite is the most promising star in the GEM market in the future. No matter which country it is in, meteorite is the original blue chip stock.

  长:14.6cm 宽:11.6cm 重:1110g

  Length: 14.6cm Width: 11.6cm Weight: 1110g


  The above picture is the main character of today's article, meteorite, weighing 1110g. It is irregular in shape. Meteorites burn and erode in the atmosphere. Its shape is round and angular. Craters of different sizes and depths are distributed on the surface of meteorites, that is, erosion craters. The meteorite also has shallow, long or round gas marks, which may be caused by the falling of low melting point minerals.


  When the meteorite passes through the atmosphere, the extremely high temperature causes the surface of the meteorite to melt, which is called melting shell. The meteorite has high density, high hardness, large size, strong plasticity, high market value and collection value.

  石陨石的表面有一层黑灰色的熔壳,其上面布有大小不一,深浅的凹坑及与大气流相互作用留下的许多气印。陨石每块都是孤品,而且独一无 二,每一块陨石都蕴含着一个奇异的谜团和神秘感,来自宇宙空间的礼物“馅饼”。

  There is a layer of dark gray melting shell on the surface of the meteorite, on which there are pits of different sizes, depths and many air marks left by the interaction with the atmospheric current. Each piece of meteorite is unique. Each piece of meteorite contains a strange mystery and mystery. It is a gift "pie" from space.

  随着近年石陨石市场的火热,石陨石 越来越广泛受到各界人士的关注,并且由于石陨石自身独具的极高的科研价值。如果您有此款藏品感兴趣,欢迎随时联系广州东朝文化!

  With the hot market of meteorites in recent years, more and more people from all walks of life pay attention to them, and because of their unique high scientific research value. If you are interested in this collection, please feel free to contact Guangzhou Dongchao culture!



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