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  The founding of the Qing Dynasty copper yuan was started in 1900 (the 26th year of Guangxu in the Qing Dynasty) and ended in 1911 (the third year of Xuantong). Although the casting time is only more than ten years, there were 17 provinces and 20 bureaus in the peak period of casting copper yuan. The copper yuan Bureau of Zhejiang Province applied for the opening of the system in February, 1901. In the 28th year of Guangxu's reign, it purchased the minting machine from Birmingham mint of England through Shanghai Ruisheng foreign bank. In the first month of the 29th year of Guangxu's reign, it officially opened the copper yuan in the old military uniform Bureau of Hangzhou.


  The following figure shows the copper coins of the Guangxu Yuanbao of Zhejiang province that Mr. Ma collected.


  直径:2.8cm 厚:0.15cm 重:7.3g

  Diameter: 2.8cm Thickness: 0.15cm Weight: 7.3g


  There are four characters of "Guangxu Yuanbao" in the front bead circle, four characters of "made in Zhejiang Province" in the upper ring and two characters of "Dangshi" in the lower ring outside the bead circle. The center of the back of the coin is a dragon pattern, which is majestic and atmospheric, with clear lines on the back and regular teeth. It looks like the carving of a knife. The casting process is superb. It looks like a painting imitating Buddha, which is extremely magnificent and charming.


  The coins are old and natural. This coin is still well preserved and has a high collection value despite the baptism of ruthless years and chaotic war years! It's really rare.


  According to the research, Zhejiang copper Yuan mold should be designed by Alan Wayne, a famous British sculptor, and received an order from Hubei Province in the same year. Because the time required by Zhejiang and Hubei factories is very urgent, it is very likely that Alan Wayne will match the designed dragon mold of "Zhejiang as a ten water dragon" with the newly designed one of Hubei as ten coins to complete the first stage of mold pre-trial, The sample coin of "Hubei yuanzhulong" (commonly known as "Hubei Zhejiang dragon") came into being under such circumstances. This edition of Zhejiang dangshishuilong should be regarded as the ancestor of the circulation edition.





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